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10 Unique Small Business Ideas

by Curtis

by Curtis D. Tucker

Here’s a quick list of 10 unique business ideas that popped into my head. See if you can take any one of these and build on it to create your very own entrepreneurial venture. Good luck!

Light Bulb Ideas

1.) Juggler – juggle your way into every kids birthday party, every town event and every parade.

2.) Toy builder – whenever anyone reads some assembly required, they call you!

3.) Tech teacher – teach classes on iPods, iPads, Internet Surfing and Social Media

4.) Fort builder – build tree houses or cool card board box forts and sell them

5.) Balloon delivery – deliver cool unique balloon bouquets

6.) Hospital sitter – have families hire you to sit with their relatives

7.) Costume creator – make and rent Halloween/holiday costumes

8.) Wedding/event car decorator – hire out to shoe polish cars

9.) Mobile tire rotatation – rotate tires in parking lots while people work

10.) Drive thru candy/popcorn shop – sell junk food out a window

There isn’t much detail to these business ideas but from time to time I’ll throw out some brainstorming concepts I might have. Although one of these thoughts might not be the business for you to start they might spark an idea that could be the one to make you millions! Keep checking in and I’ll keep throwing cool ideas at you in hopes that one day we’ll both be rich.

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