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5 Fun Entrepreneurial Ideas For Kids

by Curtis

by Curtis D. Tucker

Start your little crumb crunchers out early by helping them start their own entrepreneurial business. Here are 5 quick and easy businesses that most any young executive could start.

Lemonade Business1.) Lemonade Stand – of course I was going to mention this one. But don’t have them set up just any lemonade stand, make it fresh squeezed lemonade with small pellet ice in a nice styro cup with a lid. And while they’re at it, why not add a few cookies or crispie treats?

2.) Candy Bar Sales – have them buy candy bars in bulk to get a good discount. Have the young entrepreneur deliver them to local businesses displayed on a unique plate with a money box along side. Charge $1 per bar and have a slot in the box for payment. Every few days go back to each business, empty the money box and replace the candy bars.

3.) Caddying – let the golfers in your area know that your entrepreneur will caddy for them. Carry their bag for a reasonable fee and earn extra in tips. Also turn them into golf ball hunters by collecting balls that get lost in sticky areas of the course. Sell the balls back to the course.

4. Magician – buy a magic set or two and your young entertainer can start their own magic act performing for toddler parties. Add balloon animal design or juggling and they might even get a few bigger gigs.

5.) Astronomer – if you have a telescope in the house you can put it to use. Have your young scientist learn everything about the visible stars and planets. They can then hold neighborhood star gazing events during full moons, meteor showers and other galactic events. Charge a small fee to get a simple print out and the ability to look through the telescope.


6.) Geekologist – have your tech savvy kid teach your co-workers and friends how to get the most out of their iPhones, iPads, computers and also teach the basics of Facebook. Twitter and MySpace. Most people don’t even know what they don’t know about gadgets. Set up a class or do it individually.


7.) Web Master – okay, every church, club, organization and society has or needs a simple website. If your youngster can figure out WordPress they can build and maintain almost any site possible. A great job that can be done from home. Your child could even start their own blog and give other kids advice on something they are great at.

Be sure and check with your city to find out about sales tax, permits and any ordinance that might apply to the business.

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