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7 Businesses You Could Start Today

by Curtis

It doesn’t have to take months of planning, raising money, or fast cash to start a side business. Many people just need quick income and do not have a long period of time to get things going. Here are a few quick business ideas that you could start tomorrow if you had to. Many of these could even be started as part-time business and then worked into full time later.

I’ll try to add to this list as I run across ideas that have worked for other entrepreneurs. If you know if an idea or two please let me know so that I can add it to the list. You do not have to work for someone else the rest of your life. We have the best opportunity in the United States to start our very own businesses and make as much money as we are willing to work for.

Get busy today and stop making excuses!!

1) Student Tutor – if you know math, spelling, English, Spanish, art, science, history or any other school subject you could start a tutoring business as quickly as you could round up a few students. Tutors make great money and can find new leads just by word-of-mouth alone.

2) Gadget Repair – If you have a knack for fixing things you can buy up broken and non-working gadgets. Take the working parts from the bad gadgets and put them in the good gadgets to make “like new” gadgets. Repairing iPods, cell phones, watches and cameras would be perfect for this business model.

3) Drop Shipping – advertise a product you do not actually have but can have drop shipped to a customer. The customer pays you plus a profit, you pay the wholesaler and have the product shipped. Beware of drop ship company lists. Find your own companies to drop ship for online.

4) Party Clean Up – advertise a clean up service for fund raisers, weddings, showers, school functions, business retreats and reunions. Most people hate the clean up after any event. It’s a niche you can cover.

5) Bicycle/Lawn Mower Repair – everyone and I mean everyone needs their bike or lawn mower repaired at some time. Most times the only repair is just replacing a broken or non-working part.

6) City Website – create a website for your city listing restaurants, parks, things to do and entertaining news. Report on openings and closings, history and upload local pictures. Sell ad space on the site, create a classified page and add some AdSense ads.

7) Piano Tuning – they all need tuning sometime!

8) Branch and Shrub Trimming – find an old saw and clippers and you can get started, Be sure you have access to a vehicle that can haul the limbs.

9) Mister Muscles – Advertise that you will carry boxes up to the attic or down to the basement. Let people know they can contact you to move furniture or just a few pieces of heavy equipment. Help contractors move materials or help roofers carry shingle to the roof.


More ideas to come!!

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Fiona September 8, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Great list of ideas and very inspiring. Thank you.


Ash April 16, 2011 at 11:56 am

Any ideas on how to search for dropship companies? How should companies be approached?


Curtis May 2, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Hi Ash, I would try using Google and also look for a book or catalog that has a complete list of drop ship companies. I’ve actually just found companies I was interested in and asked them if they had a drop ship plan. The ones that do will usually set you up.

Hope that helps.


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