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Welcome Future Entrepreneurs!

Curtis D. Tucker - Entrepreneur

Times are tough and not only are people looking for extra income and small business ideas but many people are just looking for work. This site is being created to help those of you with the drive and determination to become successful entrepreneurs!

As a small business entrepreneur, making my income from Internet ventures and freelance businesses, I know the freedom and security that comes with controlling your own destiny. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and does not usually happen over night, but with some great ideas and a little coaching I believe just about anyone can start their own successful business.

I’m Curtis D. Tucker, the owner of this site. A.K.A. That Sneaker Wearing Entrepreneurial Cartoonist Internet Guy. I will be bringing you fascinating and remarkable small business ideas, home business examples and success stories that will help you discover the secrets to becoming a great Internet entrepreneur.

Follow my journey as well, as I try to become an Internet business millionaire using only my own talents and resources from a small room in my house.

If you have a great story or a unique business idea, send me your best examples of that entrepreneurial spirit! curtis@curtistucker.com

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