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by Curtis

by Curtis D. Tucker

One of the best shows on television today for entrepreneurs is a show called Shark Tank. This is a great show for finding fun business ideas and also seeing what others have come up with. Watch as young entrepreneurs pitch their businesses and ask for money. Be sure and note the amount of money they ask for and how much control of their companies they lose.

Not only does the show give you start up ideas but the Sharks on the show give some very useful advise and they ask even more important questions. All of the Sharks on the show have made millions or billions on their own and they are using their own money to finance these start ups.

When you watch the show be sure to note the questions being asked. These are the same questions you will need to answer when you go looking for financing your business. The show can give you clues as to which types of products and services the entrepreneurial gurus feel have potential.

Hop on over to this page to see many of the past business ideas and then be sure to start watching the show. Shark Tank Business Ideas.

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