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Funny Business Ideas & Start Ups

by Curtis

by Curtis D. Tucker

Chattering TeethLooking for a fun time or wanting to start a business that will tickle the funny bone? Laughter can not only be great medicine it can be very profitable. Some of the most successful TV shows and movies are comedies. What does that say about our thirst for humor?

Why not put your colorful thinking cap on and try to create a business filled with humor? To get you started I’ve brain stormed a few ideas. Let me know if you have some funny ideas of your own.

Here are a few hysterical businesses and services:

1.) Joke writer – write humor for comedians, greeting cards, fortune cookies, etc.
2.) Prank rental – rent pink flamingo’s, fake tombstones, coffins, surfboards, etc.
3.) Yard logos – mow logos or funny designs into lawns or fields
4.) Dog dating – start a dog dating service where you take two dogs out together
5.) Lemonade stands – don’t sell lemonade, sell the lemonade stands!
6.) Terrible art – actually paint and sell your own terrible framed art
7.) Bloopers – create funny family videos using homemade bloopers
8.) Ugly bikes – using mismatched bike parts, build cheap ugly bicycles
9.) Statue – act like a statue on a busy street with a money jar nearby
10.) Snow cones – sell wacky flavored and named snow cones

Be sure and bookmark this page as I will be adding more ideas and will keep it updated as I find more creative services.

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Rickey Garcia February 24, 2011 at 12:27 pm

These are awesome ideas. I especially like the dog dating service one – very funny!


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