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Make Money With Google AdSense

by Curtis

by Curtis D. Tucker

Welcome to the website fellow entrepreneurs! I’m glad you found me and I hope in some small way I can help you create your future and become this countries next entrepreneur.

I’m going to start out with a quick and easy idea. This money earning system, once created, becomes a cash cow that continues to earn money while you move on to other things or go on vacation. It involves buying a domain name, finding a web host and learning to create a simple website or blog.

The system is called Google AdSense. I use it to create almost one half of my yearly income so I know it can work. It does take effort, time and hours of trial and error. But once perfected it is an awesome supplement to any online entrepreneurs career.

In the simplest terms you earn money by creating a website that generates a good amount of traffic. 1,000-6,000 unique visitors a day would be a good amount of traffic. The secret is to create a website that is built on keywords that are being searched for but do not have so much competition that you do not stand a chance of reaching the top spot in the search engines.

From my experience, my research and seeing the stats of fellow AdSense publishers I would say that you can earn about $100 a day for every 20,000 page views you get. That’s an average. A limited number of publishers earn tens of thousands of dollars a month with Google AdSense.

Once you have an idea you build a website around your keywords. You then begin to fill that website with as much great content as you can. All of the content should relate to the keywords chosen. Generate as many pages as possible and add new pages every week.

As soon as your site is up and running you will want to open a free Google AdSense account. Google will supply you with a code to place on your website. Place this code on every page of your site. Immediately your site will begin to display small text ads that relate directly to your keywords.

Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ads you earn money. The amount will depend on the keyword targeted and the budget of the business buying the ad. The average click can range from one penny to $6. Every month Google will send you a check for the total you have earned.

After creating your first money making site, start again and create another. The key to making big bucks is to create as many of these content rich websites as you can. Some will fail and others will only earn a few bucks a month. The combination of many sites will begin to earn you real revenue.

There is an entire industry built on teaching you how to earn Google AdSense money. Read as much as you can online and keep after it! I will post more AdSense tips from time to time.


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