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Start A Part-Time Holiday Business

by Curtis


Christmas Gift WrappingOctober 2011

The holidays are quickly approaching and many people are looking for ways of making a little extra spending money to make it through the season. Here is a quick list of part-time holiday businesses you can easily start and maintain through the season. Good luck and enjoy.

1.) Gift Wrapper – Pick up, wrap and deliver other peoples gifts. Many people are strapped for time and would gladly pay a responsible person to do their Christmas gift wrapping for them.

2.) Gift Shopper – Offer to do the holiday shopping for those busy people in your city. Customers could give you their list and money and you can go fight the crowds and save them the headache. Market this right and you could shop for multiple people at once.

3.) Sell Baked Goods – Everyone needs to take a cake, pie of cookies to some party during the holidays. Why not help out by doing the baking for them? You can offer your yummy treats for not only office type parties but for family events like Thanksgiving as well.

4.) Light Decorator – I love having Christmas lights up every year but I hate having to hang them. Start your own light stringing business and solve the same problem hundreds of others are having.

5.) Decoration Rental – We’re always buying new decorations during the close out sales and then forgetting that we ever bought them. We also love having something new and different every year. Why not load up on end of year Christmas yard ornaments and decorations and then begin setting them up and renting them to clients?

6.) Holiday Card Service – We all love to write and send Christmas cards every year but many years we just run out of time and never get any sent. Offer to help families solve this problem and you could have a easy money making business in no time.

7.) Window Decorator – Do you have talents? If you can do a bit of drawing and painting you could start a window decorating service. Most businesses pay to have the large windows painted each year. Even if you don’t have skills you can create stencils and use them instead.

8.) Event Planner – Families and businesses will all be having parties and get-togethers. Each of these will need planning and coordinating. Help others with invitations, bookings and all of the other details associated with such an event.

9.) Craft Designing – Why not create your own line of gifts? There are many gift ideas you can create on your own without much skill. Stop by your local hobby shop and find all of the supplies needed. Sell your crafts to individuals, businesses and at craft fairs.

10.) Toy Assembly – One of the most painful parts of the season is having to put together a complicated swing set or bicycle. Offer to assemble toys and outdoor recreational equipment before and after the actual holiday.

11.) Snow Shoveling/Leaf Raking – The holidays bring on many problems associated with the weather. Offer your area the service of raking leaves during the Fall and shoveling snow during the Winter. Get people to pay you a deposit to guarantee you’ll be at their house first during the snow storm.

12.) Candle Creator – Making candles is not the most difficult hobby in the world. Learn how to make great candles and sell a great assortment of sizes all scented with the most popular holiday smells.

13.) Musician/Singer – Do you have musical talents? Many businesses would love to have a holiday piano player or singer to help bring the spirit into their store. Offer your talents to parties and churches as well.

14.) Christmas Tree Disposal – Advertise a “Green” solution for Christmas tree removal in your area. Ask a local farmer about replanting trees, placing them in ponds or using them as mulch.

15.) House Cleaning – You don’t have to have a complete cleaning service to help families prepare their homes for the holidays. Help individuals and businesses clean up before company arrives and the parties begin.

16.) Build Gift Baskets – All you have to do is buy the gifts and supplies, put everything together wrapped nicely and you’ve got your own gift basket business.

I hope at least one of these part-time business ideas gets you some extra income this holiday season. Check back from time to time and bookmark this page. I’ll add any new ideas I come up with and will post them here. Much success!!

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