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Traits of an Entrepreneur

by Curtis

by Curtis D. Tucker

I don’t believe just anyone can be an entrepreneur. Well, anyone CAN be an entrepreneur but not everyone will have the motivation to become one. The traits below can be found in just about anyone, but the people that put them into practice are the ones that will become entrepreneurs.

All entrepreneurs won’t have all of these traits, but if you fall into a few of these categories you might have a future as an entrepreneur:

1. Positive attitude. Negative people are most likely not going to make very successful entrepreneurs. A positive attitude will rub off on fellow employees, clients and customers. Show some excitement about your business and others will see it and want to be a part of it.

2. Dreamer. An entrepreneur has dreams. They are not content with the everyday and mundane. Deep down they want more and they are always thinking of ways to get it. They expect more than they have and see a path to getting there. Entrepreneurs do not settle for what everyone else has, they strive for more.

3. Hard worker. Most entrepreneurs ignore the 40 hour work week. They do what it takes to get ahead and the create the steps it will take to reach the top. Entrepreneurs don’t complain about having to work hard to achieve their dreams. Hard work is the foundation that leads to a life of leisure once the goal is achieved.

4. Never give up attitude. Failing is a part of success and an entrepreneur can see that fact. Small failures help you see where the successes are. A true entrepreneur most likely couldn’t give up even if they tried. It’s in their blood. You really only fail when you have given up.

5. Doer. An old friend always told us that there’s talkers and there’s doers. An entrepreneur does more than talk, they actually put a plan into action. The best time to get started is immediately. The longer you wait the more chances there will be for interruptions.

6. Creativity. Entrepreneurs are by definition out-of-the-box thinkers. An entrepreneur has to innovate a new way of doing something or improve upon an existing product or service. Entrepreneurs also create things that have not been thought of before. If you are a creative thinker you most likely are an entrepreneur.

7. Multi-tasker. I believe an entrepreneur is a multi-tasker. When creating a business, service or product there are many facets involved. An entrepreneur has to perform many duties while creating their dream and they must perform multiple tasks at the same time.

8. Self motivated. Entrepreneurs do not need to be pushed. They push themselves and want to strive for success because they can’t help it. Self motivation separates entrepreneurs from pretenders.

9. Passionate. If an entrepreneur isn’t passionate about their business they most likely will lose motivation. An entrepreneur usually creates a business out of something that really interests them. Passion creates drive.

10. Luck. The wild card of entrepreneurial traits is luck. Some people make it to the top on pure luck. They create the right product at the right time or they get to meet the right person to help market their ideas. Luck doesn’t always play a role in creating an entrepreneur but it can never hurt.

If you have all or many of these traits you might the next great entrepreneur. There are many traits that I left off because I do not believe they fit the everyday typical person. For example, risk taking. I do not believe you must be a risk taker to become an entrepreneur. If you have a plan and follow it there will not be much risk at all.

Innovative is another trait I left off. I don’t believe you have to innovate anything to become an entrepreneur. Most products and services are already there. If you’ll just improve upon one of them you can become an entrepreneur.

And as stated above in trait number 10, sometime it’s just pure luck that creates a sensation. But luck will not help you if you’re not creating something. So get out there and start thinking of ways to become the next great entrepreneur!

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nettro1 July 4, 2009 at 6:27 pm

Hi Chris,

I enjoyed reading your post. It was like looking in the mirror! LOL Keep it up.



Mike January 27, 2010 at 2:15 am

Great post! I 100% agree with all, except #10: Luck. I guess this depends on if you believe in luck or not. I would think most entrepreneurs do not believe in luck. Although, I would say some have dumb luck! "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity." You can't say Bill Gates was lucky… he saw the future and was ready for it.


Dana March 11, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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